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Types and use of hand tools

Every household has a lot of hand tools, which are helpful for some household operations, such as nailing a nail, cutting an object... As the name implies, hand tools are moved by the strength of the hand. What are the types of hand tools and how to use them?

Wrench category:

Wrenches are very common. For example, wrenches are used when replacing faucets at home and installing screws on beds. There are many types of wrenches, including open-end, socket, plum blossom, and tubing wrenches; The role of tightening screws.


Almost everyone has pliers, cutting pliers, and needle-nose pliers in their homes. These are all pliers, as well as power pliers, water pump pliers, and pipe pliers; their function is to cut objects such as steel wires, thin iron sheets, and large ones. Strong pliers can even cut thick steel bars.

Screwdriver category:

Screwdrivers are also very common. Its function is to unscrew and tighten screws. There are also many types of screwdrivers, including cross-shaped, flat-shaped, podium-shaped, hexagonal, flower-shaped, etc., screwdrivers for computers Usually very small. When using a screwdriver, pay attention to the direction and angle of the force. If the screw is screwed, it will be difficult to handle.

Hammer category:

Everyone must have seen hammers. There are many types of hammers. The most common ones are claw hammers and square-head hammers. The claw hammers are used when removing floors. There are also fitter's hammers, round-head hammers, rubber hammers and installation hammers. The points; rubber hammers are generally used when laying wall and floor tiles.

Cutting class:

Cutting hand tools include common file cutters, utility knives, saws, pipe cutters, bolt cutters, tin snips, etc.; they are used for smoothing and cutting, and you must pay special attention to safety when using these tools. For example, the utility knife is very sharp. , Need to be extra careful.


Scissors must be known to everyone. Students use paper-cutting knives, home scissors for cutting vegetable roots, and large scissors for tailors... Scissors are used to cut materials. Scissors can be large or small. Use scissors Be especially careful when you do; scissors should not be used for too long to avoid blisters on your hands.


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